Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to Replace Your OpenOffice With LibreOffice In Ubuntu

I run Kubuntu Linux, the KDE-based variant of Ubuntu. I had v3.2 installed as my primary office suite. Both and LibreOffice have just released version 3.3 of their respective office suites. For those that don't know, LibreOffice was forked from over concerns about how Oracle would deal with after purchasing Sun Microsystems, the publisher of both and the Java programming language. A group of developers formed The Document Foundation to create a more open development model going forward; LibreOffice v3.3.0 is their first release.

The LibreOffice downloads for Linux from the official site are tarballs, generic Linux install files. For Ubuntu and other Debian derivatives, they should be .deb files; for maximum compatibility they should be installed through apt, but LibreOffice is not yet available from the official Ubuntu repositories. The solution to this issue is a PPA. There is now a PPA available to install LibreOffice in Ubuntu and its derivatives. This article shows how, step-by-step:
Quick Tip: How to Replace Your OpenOffice With LibreOffice In Ubuntu

If you are not already aware, you can often save a lot of typing by simply using copy-and-paste (link is to my article) to enter each command into a terminal window.

This technique worked well for me. LibreOffice seems to be humming along just fine!

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